Why Learn JavaScript?

If web development is your goal, JavaScript is what will get you there. Not only will it make your sites interactive and allow both front and back-end development, it’s also perfect if you intend on making them cross-platform compatible. As a bonus, JavaScript is also very easy to pick up if you’re still a beginner.

So, How Difficult is JavaScript?

The process of learning the basics of JavaScript is relatively straightforward. As a higher level language, it handles the most complex details itself so you can focus on learning how to program. Another big plus is that it requires no development environment per se; just open up your browser and you’re ready to go!

However, once you’ve got a handle on the basics, Java can get a little more challenging. All browsers use JavaScript, but the same code often behaves in different ways depending on the browser environment. Trying to figure out why something works perfectly on Chrome but not Firefox is an inevitable and frustrating part of the process.

There are also several JavaScript designs that aren’t exactly beginner friendly, so new coders need to be careful not to advance too quickly and bite off more than they can chew. For those who want to get serious with JavaScript fast, we recommend finding a good mentor to guide you down the right path. With some careful consideration and practice, Java can be a lot of fun.

What about Community Support?

All programming languages have a developer community that has grown up around them as the language has gained popularity, so there’s always plenty of ways to give and receive advice. The larger a community, the more exciting and interesting ways you’ll see the language being used and developed, so it’s a vital component. Since JavaScript is ubiquitous, its support system is expansive.

  • StackOverflow:

    StackOverflow is a programming Q&A site that is a valuable resource for every programmer, no matter how advanced. On the site, JavaScript has actually overtaken Java in terms of community size, and the gap doesn’t show any signs of narrowing any time soon.

  • Meetup:

    Meetup has an incredible 3600+ JavaScript groups, with a collective 1.8 million members all over the world. It is the single largest programming Meetup community on the entire network, by a long shot! The community is very active and energetic, and is the perfect way to stay motivated and encouraged if you hit a wall.

  • GitHub:

    There are over 3100 GitHUb projects with 500 stars or more, which means there’s an almost endless supply of helpful information out there. The downside is that because the community is so large, there are never-ending updates to tools, and keeping up with them can be somewhat exhausting!

How will JavaScript Benefit my Career?

Demand for JavaScript developers has gone through the roof, and isn’t likely to start coming down any time soon. It is the most in-demand skill on Angel List and salaries range anywhere between $48-15k per year. So, job prospects are pretty damn good! As the web continues to expand and change how we lead our daily lives, JavaScript will only become even more widespread.

Where is JavaScript Headed?

JavaScript is headed up, and only up! It’s the 8th most popular language on the TIOBE index and interest in learning it grew 22% in 2015. As technology is constantly evolving, it’s difficult to predict exactly where JavaScript can go from here, but it’s guaranteed to be someplace good. There is also a steady stream of technical innovation going on in the language too, with so many new and interesting uses for it emerging as more and more services become web-based.