Why Learn HTML5/Javascript?

JavaScript and HTML5 are the essential languages of the web, and work across all browsers. In short, if you want an interactive websites that looks great (HTML5) and performs even better (JavaScript), this is what you need to learn. But don’t worry; they’re both pretty simple.

So, How Difficult is HTML5/JavaScript?

Both HTML5 and JavaScript are extremely beginner-friendly. HTML5 is the first step all aspiring web developers take to reach their goal, and is the perfect way to get a groundwork in programming; you’ll learn all of the principles without actually confusing the issue with a programming language. Then once you add JavaScript into the equation, it’s a matter of slotting in the final piece of the puzzle into place.

So it won’t take long before you progress to intermediate web developer status, but that’s when things get a little more challenging. Picking up the basics of HTML5 and JavaScript is easy, but mastering it is another story. JavaScript in particular becomes quite complex and is in a constant state of evolution, so some beginners may find it difficult to keep up. The same can be said of HTML5, although updates do occur at a slower rate.

If you’re willing to stick with HTML5 and JavaScript past the easy early stages, you’ll have an unbeatable skill set that will only need refreshing (rather than re-learning) in future years.

What About Community Support?

All programming languages have a developer community that has grown up around them as the language has gained popularity, so there’s always plenty of ways to give and receive advice. The larger a community, the more exciting and interesting ways you’ll see the language being used and developed, so it’s a vital component. HTML5 and JavaScript have been cornerstones of the web for some time now, so things are no different where they are concerned.

  • StackOverflow:

    JavaScript has pretty much taken over programming Q&A site StackOverflow and is the largest community on the platform (and set to keep on growing). HTML5 isn’t doing too badly either; ‘HTML’ is the 8th most used tag.

  • Meetup:

    JavaScript also holds the title of the largest programming community on Meetup. There are over 3600 groups at last count with almost 1.5 million members worldwide, so it’s safe to say there’s an extensive support network out there.

  • GitHub:

    Once again JavaScript takes the top spot, with 3100 GitHub projects rated with 5 stars. There’s plenty going on where HTML is concerned too, with 350 CSS projects (and CSS goes hand in hand with HTML, remember) getting 5 star ratings.

How Will HTML5/JavaScript Benefit My Career?

If your career goals include anything to do with the world wide web, having JavaScript and HTML5 in your skillset basically means you’re employable for life. And not just when it comes to web design or development; it’s also hugely useful in areas such as marketing, e-commerce, and anything else that uses the web as a platform. More and more businesses are moving aspects of their operations online, so JavaScript developers are in high demand – a trend that’s only set to continue.

Where is HTML5/JavaScript Headed?

Without HTML, there is no world wide web – so it’s safe to say it’s not going anywhere, ever! Websites will only become even more complex and advanced in the coming years, which means the future is bright for JavaScript too. There’s also a lot of technical innovation happening constantly in both areas, so the world is not likely to get bored and move on any time soon. There’s never been a better time to come along for the ride!